Selling Your House “As Is” In Jacksonville

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How To Attract The most Buyers When Selling Your House

Moving out of the area ? Need a bigger house to accommodate the growing family? Change of locality required? There can be many reasons; one might have to sell the house. There are many criteria’s one should consider before putting your property out in the market. Many questions that you would have to answer and many aspects you would have to take into consideration before putting a price tag on your property.

These 3 ideas can really work to sell your house along with the following points and suggestions would come handy when you reach the stage of selling your house or if you are already in the ‘process of putting your property out into the market’ phase, then these can be your checklist to tick off.

Re-Renovate: You would have probably renovated your house according to your liking when you moved in with your family. It might have been probably 5 years back or even 10 years back, whatever the period, it is time to look into it again.

If you need to sell your house and make some profit, then you need to evaluate to see what new modern features, that is possible and can withstand in your house, be added to improve its look and market value, so it matches the current housing fashion. But keep in mind, not to deteriorate the quality of your house. If you have a front yard or a balcony, clean it and maintain it. First impression is the Best.

Proper Evaluation through Property Agent: Hire an experienced and well known Real Estate Agent who has complete knowledge of the market and who has a reputation in the market. Trust matters. Let him take a proper visit of your house and let you know the market value your property has. Be competitive with the pricing.

Photography: Do not rely on mobile phone cameras to capture the beauty of your house for the sale. Mobile phones, these days are smart, agreed, but cannot beat the image clarity or quality a professional photographer would give you. In case your budget does not allow you to hire a professional photographer, then contact an intern or any friend who is practicing to become a professional. Win – Win situation.

Study the Market: The property market does not remain stable all through. It fluctuates. Research the market to determine the best time to buy or sell real estate  and make a proper study of the market before going out. Your broker would be able to help you in this. Do not over price and then bring the price down as that may show a minus point in your sale strategy.

  • Transparency: Do not have a sheep’s skin while you sell your house. Address all the issues, if any, to the prospective buyer, so that they can be prepared for it and work towards it. Hiding things would cause only issues and negativity.

These are few things for you to consider. You could also go out of your way by introducing the new owners to the existing neighbors. Small gestures earn positive vibes. Make it a win-win and happy situation for both of you. After all, it was once your home too.

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The Economics Of Real Estate Prices


The economics of real estate can be explained as applying economic technique to the markets of real estate.  The use of economics in this sector is basically done to predict and explain the prices, demand and supply. They key focus is to focus on the structural changes and business trends affecting the industry.

The main people in a real estate market are:

  1. owner/user
  2. renter
  3. developer
  4. real estate agents
  5. real estate attorney
  6. investor
  7. Facilitators

The nature of demand to sell your house fast  in this market depends on the owner/user whereas the renters and investors decide the supply side. Other main participants such as real estate agents, etc. serve as intermediates and facilitate the whole investment process.

Characteristics of real estate market

The characteristics of such markets include:


One of the main characteristic of this sector is that it is durable. A chunk of land or a building can stay as long as decades or maybe centuries if the conditions are suitable. Land is theoretically indestructible. This being the reason real estate market is often also called stock/flow markets. According to recently conducted survey in India 97% transactions in real estate markets are done for existing buildings and houses whereas the remaining 3% for newly constructed buildings.


This term defines the whole beauty of real estate. Every property is different in each and every aspect, be it financing or building or locations. This however makes information asymmetric and costs more varying. The cost for the same 2 properties may differ by a huge amount because of them being on different locations. To tackle this difficulty, the economists in 1960 introduced a new supply survive equilibrium that relates supply comprising of service units.

Higher transaction costs:

As the population is on a steep rise, the cost of properties has gone much higher. The transaction costs include the cost of search, agent’s fees, legal fees, court fees, taxes and registration fees. In India the transaction costs range from 3% to 7% of the property price. However in countries in Europe the transaction costs range from 16% to 20% for the both buyers and sellers.

Investment and consumption:

 Real estate on one hand being a safe investment can also be purchased with motive of consumption or both. This double nature provides tips for buying a house and a safe means of investment and security and prevents over investment in this arena by substantially reducing the effective availability.


 One of the main features of Real Estate is its immobile. Though in some places the concept of mobile houses has been effective, but land still remains immobile. Consumers and investors have to reach out for the goods rather than the latter reaching for the consumers. This being the reason a physical marketplace for real estate cannot be defined. This spacial fixity makes it important for the market adjustments to move towards the property.


Real Estate Economics have been the center of attraction of researchers and economists for quite some time now. In recent times many people have chosen this sector as their career. Because of the high pay and substantial risk involved, it has made people turn their concentration towards it, especially the youth.

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